Briefly Getting

Briefly Getting But how to find better society, to depend less on external circumstances, to communicate more with people, to spend less money and to care of soul more?

This book will not tell you how to live.

But I can promise one.

When the love becomes the basic principle of life, everything will exchange.

And you will not regret about these changes.

Briefly Getting and expenditure of money become more important than communication with close people and care of them presently.

The modern world greed and haste rule.

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Hare nearly

Hare nearly What if the earth suddenly fails?

That with me togas yes will be?

Once after he many times told it to himself, he usla shat noise.


The earth as if began to tremble.

Hare nearly vypryg Game and training nulnut from the skin.

What was it?

he cried.

Naver Nov, the earth fails!

Therefore he escaped so quickly, as could.

On the way he met other hare.

The brother a hare told it run away, escape!

The earth falls!

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All this

All this Edge of a cup thus should not without coming off to slide at first on inside the top cutters, then on a nba to alveoluses.

All this time the child has to continue to blow on edge chashech ki.

The indistinct whistling sound at first will be replaced on with, then the sound sh a little rigid because of too wide will be heard open mouth.

of V When the child will learn to bring a cup in a mouth and to say sound sh, pay its attention to this sound.

Tell it that so the snake hisses.

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Problem in that

Problem in that Do not blame him and do not burden with responsibility for your bad mood tell that you are angry/were tired / Work with feelings are sad, but not that it annoyed/tired/grieved you and not for happen to share with it as that at you fine a spirit scientific research institute and you feel to it love, and that you a rasser wives and not very well feel.

Problem in that you can show the feelings, roofing felt to if you want and can recognize them.

To be honest with sa the mime yourself you will be helped by the following councils.

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He pretended

He pretended Mother who told us this story, an ozagl twisted it Nothing lasts eternally.

I wanted that my son cleaned all trains and rails in the room therefore I entered to it and realize las that I call to it by telephone.



He pretended to be that takes the call, and told: Hallo.

I asked: It is Construction company of Rayleigh?


I need to clean the heavy to other room trains and rails, and I heard that your company the best in this case.

It went and everything cleaned.

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